Active APNN Members

APNN welcomes your inquiries to contact Certified members who deliver Ken Ware’s NeuroPhysics Therapy. Write to us at info@neurophysicstherapy.global or call +61 477 880 575.


  • Ken Ware, Founder and Certified Neurotricionist in Gold Coast, QLD
  • Nickie Ware, Certified Neurotricionist in Gold Coast, QLD
  • Kam Wilkinson, Licensed Neurotricionist in Brisbane Qld
  • Teneal Attard Licensed Neurotrician in Perth, WA
  • Brodie McJorrow, Licensed Neurotrician in Northern Rivers, NSW
  • Stewart Cheffirs, Licensed Neurotricionist in Central Qld
  • Sarah Cheffirs, Licensed Neurotrician in Central Qld


  • David Howard Licensed Neurotrician in Tokyo